• Wanderin' Wind
  • Wild Ginger
  • Winter Sunset

Wanderin' Wind

(1973) Light pink shrub. The large blooms are high centered,, Neyron rose with a spinel-red reverse, aging snow pink. Strong old rose fragrance. Good lasting quality. Petals drop off cleanly. Abundant amount of dark green, leathery, glossy foliage. Disease resistant. Very vigorous, upright, bushy, compact, 4 ft x 4 ft. growth. Free, continuous blooming. Plants are winter-hardy in Iowa without protection.


Wild Ginger   

(1976) Orange blend grandiflora. The ovoid-pointed buds open to double (30-35 petals), shallow-cupped, open, 4-4.5 inch blooms of deep Orient pink (RHSCC 36A) washed and veined with azalea pink (RHSCC 36A) and cherry pink (RHSCC 45C) and with lemon yellow at the base of the petals. The blooms, borne singly and in clusters of 4-1 0, lighten with age and have a pleasing, fruity fragrance. The medium-large, leathery foliage is dark green and tolerant of Blackspot and Powdery Mildew. The thorns are red-brown and flanged awl-like. The erect, 4 ft plant is bushy and blooms profusely from June until killing frost. Plants are winter-hardy in Iowa without protection.


Winter Sunset 

(1997) Yellow blend shrub. The deep saffron yellow buds open to large, full, double amber yellow blooms with nasturtium orange on the petal bases. The blooms age slightly lighter and are borne in small clusters of 3-7. The foliage is large, dark green and glossy. the bushy, upright is 3 feet tall and blooms abundantly from June until frost. The plants have good resistance to Blackspot and mildew. The plants are winter-hardy in Iowa without protection.